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Featured Project

Featured Project
The original scope presented to us by the client was a 20' x 40' swimming pool for their backyard.

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A Growing Investment

Being a homeowner can be one of the most gratifying things for an individual, but unfortunately recent trends show that the housing market has begun to weaken. If you are a homeowner that is planning on staying in your home for a while, this may not be as big of a deal, but if you are one of the many homeowners’ who need to sell their home, the current climate can be frustrating.

One of the most successful ways to achieve a quicker sale is to boost your home’s curb appeal. Whether your landscape is overgrown or lacking, the investment to hire a professional to design or revamp your landscaping can pay off as much as 10% to 15% on the selling price of your home. A well landscaped home sells six weeks sooner on average.

Landscaping is a good thing, but sometimes less is more. Most landscaping requires at least minimal care. Trimming, fertilizing, and removing plants that are either dead or way past their prime can make a huge difference on the look of your home. This can be one of the most affordable ways to add some curb appeal.

Have you purchased a home that has an absence of landscaping and made that a last priority? Landscaping has many more advantages than just something nice to look at. A nice turf lawn keeps the ground from eroding and shrubs and perennials planted around the foundation keep your soil in place and discourage water leakage in basements and foundation problems. Properly placed trees can give you, not only something great to look at, but can also conserve on energy bills by blocking harsh winds and sun rays. As a bonus, you will be doing your part to help out the environment by keeping our air clean.

Maybe you have decided to stay put and make the changes in your yard to adjust to your ever changing life. Or if the pinch of the economy has eliminated the long awaited vacation, you can create your own custom environment in your yard. Landscaping has gone way beyond merely planting trees and shrubs. Cook stations, water features, and custom patios can help create your own personal outdoor oasis.

Don’t forget about maintaining your landscape! A sprinkler system is a great way to keep from dragging those dreaded hoses around the yard and make sure you are taking care of your investments. Sprinkler systems have improved by leaps and bounds in the last 5 to 10 years. The systems are more efficient while also making water conservation possible.

The bottom line is; whether you are planning on moving or staying put, landscaping is a wise investment for your pocketbook and peace of mind. Estimates are usually free of charge and if you want a plan drawn, it can be an affordable way to make sure your vision becomes a workable and attractive reality.