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- Adam McCullough
Satisfied Customer

The Knight Project

Our clients had several objectives in mind for their project:

  1. The walk out pit needed to be expanded and the deck redone and expanded to allow for all weather outdoor play and to accomplish a less cluttered view of the pit.
  2. The huge drainage swale needed to be dressed up. Three, the client wanted a pondless water feature near a seating area away from the house.
  3. They wanted a nicer patio near the pit to allow for a seating area.

All this needed to be dressed up with wonderful landscaping.

Special or Unusual Problems Encountered:

Deck removal and pit expansion involved several vendors directly under our control, but involved lots of coordination in order to have this project run smoothly. The site itself offered several challenges, not the least of which were very limited level surfaces in which to places the pondless water feature and the patio paver deck-per the client's request-and still have all features look wonderful and in proportion when all work as completed.

Keeping the pondless water feature operational in hot weather was insured by adding an automatic fill with an overflow to keep the proper amount of water in the feature at all times. Tongue and Groove Timber Tech decking was used on the deck in order to keep the walk out pit as rain free as possible.