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- Adam McCullough
Satisfied Customer

The Langhofer Project

Our clients were enthusiastic about their back yard being an oasis from the hustle of everyday life. The front yard needed to be nice, but their top priority was to make their back yard a great place to relax and entertain with limited space.

Special or Unusual Problems Encountered:

The most challenging aspect of this project was the horrible slope in the back yard. The challenge was to find a way to make this big slope a useful and aesthetically pleasing part of the project. Second was the challenge of installing a very large pondless waterfall boulder in a very tight spot after the concrete was poured for the back patio, and not crack the patio. The project was also difficult in that the access was very tight for all stages of this project, and finally, finding a way to dress up the ditch/drainage swale through the center of the yard.