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- Adam McCullough
Satisfied Customer

The Schremmer Project

The project consisted of a complete landscape and irrigation system for a patio home. The client wished to incorporate a low-maintenance water feature in both the front and back yards with the overall theme being a mountain-like atmosphere on an otherwise flat and featureless site, all the while maintaining views to the adjacent country club golf course.

Special or Unusual Problems Encountered:

The largest problem encountered with this project was creating a low maintenance water feature in the back yard that provided the most visual and audio effects possible. We accomplished this by creating a large standing body of water at the top of the feature and an equally large basin at the lower end to provide the necessary volume to supply the falls and stream. The lower basin is ‘pondless’ with an auto-fill connected to the irrigation system while the upper pond utilizes chlorine tablets to control algae. All of this is controlled by switches located inside the residence so that tampering by outside individuals is nearly impossible. To naturalize the setting, without fish or plants, bronze sculptures were placed in and around the water giving the feature a sense of 'life'.