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- Adam McCullough
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The Stephenson Project

The scope of our design and work included complete landscape and swimming pool installation, driveway, paver and retaining wall installation, irrigation and landscape lighting. The client is a local sports celebrity whose design objective was to create a landscape setting that not only felt like home but was also elegant enough for entertaining substantial numbers of influential guests. Incorporating adequate off-street parking via a circle drive and pool privacy without a fence was also of concern.

Special or Unusual Problems Encountered:

There were two main obstacles regarding the project that were directly related to the site. The first had to do with the changes in natural elevation where the pool was to be located and the fact that the home was constructed lower than the original engineered specifications for a 100 year flood. The solution was a combination of retaining walls and obtaining a variance by the city and F.E.M.A. The second obstacle, because of the shallow frontage of the lot, had to do with the development and approval of a circle drive that from the road did not visually occupy more than 25% of the total space, all the while maintaining the functionality and parking loads required by the owner. This was accomplished by elongating the circle and adding berming and landscaping between the drive and the road as a translucent screen.