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Featured Project

Featured Project
The original scope presented to us by the client was a 20' x 40' swimming pool for their backyard.

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Fall has arrived and winter is quickly approaching. The Kansas weather can be quite unpredictable. Temperatures can be quite warm in early October and turn quite frigid anytime thereafter. TenderCare's goal is to stay one step ahead of Mother Nature and help you protect your system by winterizing. However, TenderCare Lawn and Landscape, Inc. is not responsible for freeze damage caused by cold temperatures before your scheduled blow-out time. It is the customer's responsibility to be aware of falling temperatures and take necessary precautions to properly cover their PVB Backflow Device.

Improper winterization
Improper winterization

Freeze damage due to improper winterization.


For systems up to 12 zones with 1 PVB backflow - $72.50

Prices may be subject to change for larger systems!

Please click here to request winterization online.