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Featured Project

Featured Project
The original scope presented to us by the client was a 20' x 40' swimming pool for their backyard.

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Are you tired of working all week, just to come home and tackle what seems like a never ending array of lawn chores? Your lawn and landscape should be enjoyed not feared. Would you rather spend more quality time with family and friends doing what you truly enjoy? Then sit back, relax and enjoy your lawn and outdoor environment by letting the professionals at TenderCare Lawn & Landscape take care of your ongoing maintenance needs.

The Tendercare mowing crews are experienced with the unique needs of lawns in South Central Kansas. These needs include mowing the turf properly, adjusting heights according to seasonal changes and turf variety, and maintaining sharp cutting blades. Our crews trim and edge all of our properties during each visit for a neat clean appearance. Lawns can be mulched in order to help put back vital nutrients into the lawn or clippings can be hauled away depending upon your preference.

Our crews are experienced in maintaining properties from small residential to large homeowners associations, corporate facilities, municipalities and retirement communities. TenderCare can accommodate almost any lawn mowing need.

Mowing, trimming and edging are just the beginning of what Tendercare can do to make your property not only look beautiful, but give you that quality time you so much deserve. Contact us today and see just how much quality time we can put back in your hands!