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Featured Project

Featured Project
The original scope presented to us by the client was a 20' x 40' swimming pool for their backyard.

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Gradework / Drainage

The importance of a properly graded landscape should not be taken lightly. Proper grading is vital in keeping water away from the foundation of a property and to appropriately follow a master drainage plan. At TenderCare, we take pride in helping alleviate drainage issues to our customer’s properties, through the use of drainage plans, proper elevation settings, french drains, Swales, and in many cases, rock streams to help carry runoff away in Swales. Downspouts & sump pumps may be buried and moved away from foundations to help keep water flowing away from the property. Drainage issues vary from site to site, as well as, the time it may take to disperse all moisture from the site. Call us to schedule your grading and to determine the most efficient way to drain your property.