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How To Revive Your Lawn This Summer

May 26, 2021, 8:05 am | Lawn & Tree Care

Get your lawn into tip-top shape this summer! With recent rain showers, your lawn may seem oversaturated, but all is not lost! Restore your lawn and prevent damage this season with a few helpful tips.

Water Regularly

With frequent rain, you probably haven't needed to water your lawn recently. As the rain stops and the weather gets hotter and drier, make sure your lawn gets the correct amount of water. Incorrect watering can lead to weakened grass roots. For the best results, we recommend lawns be watered deeply (one inch of water) once a week.

Mow Dry Grass Only

When your lawn is wet, the grass blades can become heavy and bend, which makes it difficult to get a straight cut. Plus, wet freshly cut grass is more prone to disease. 

Fertilize After Mowing

The best time to fertilize your lawn is after mowing and when the grass is dry. If your grass is wet, the fertilizer may stick to the blades and the nutrients won’t be distributed. 

Treat Brown Spots

If you have a pet and are noticing brown spots in your yard, it's most likely due to pet urine. Pet urine can cause the same damage as over-fertilizing. The best way to avoid brown spots is by watering the area well within eight hours to dilute it. 

Keep your lawn green and healthy this summer! Contact us today to schedule service. 

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