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Keep Your Lawn Healthy This Summer With 4 Helpful Tips

June 28, 2022, 3:32 pm | Lawn & Tree Care

TenderCare’s lawn care experts are here to help you keep your lawn healthy and thriving all summer long! Check out our helpful tips to prevent lawn damage this season:

Water Regularly & Check Irrigation Systems

Incorrectly watering your lawn can lead to weakened grass roots. For the best results, we recommend watering your grass deeply (about one inch of water) once a week. If you have an irrigation system, be sure to check its efficiency regularly and schedule repairs as needed.

Raise Mowers Up A Notch

By raising your mower up to at least 3 inches, you can help prevent heat stress on your lawn. The higher grass does a better job at holding in the moisture and preventing summer weeds from popping up and spreading throughout your lawn.

Schedule Grub Worm Control

With summer comes longer days and shorter nights, allowing pests more time to feed. This time of year, you might notice white, worm-like pests known as “the grub” in your lawn – also referred to as June Bug larvae. They work by feeding on and destroying the root system underneath your grass, leading to dead, dry, and brown patches. Luckily, we provide grub worm control treatments designed to keep them from invading your lawn.

Treat Brown Spots

If you’ve noticed brown spots in your yard and you have a pet, it could be due to pet urine. Pet urine can cause the same damage to your grass as over-fertilizing, and the best way to prevent brown spots is by watering the area well within eight hours to dilute it.

Ready to enjoy the lawn of your dreams? Contact us today to schedule lawn care services.

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