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Healthy Lawn 101: Lawn Spray Services and Fertilizer Applications

February 11, 2021, 10:47 am | Lawn & Tree Care

As a homeowner, keeping track of a year-round lawn schedule, purchasing supplies, and caring for your landscape requires time and can be stressful. Wouldn’t you rather spend time with your family than work on seasonal outdoor tasks? Free yourself from these responsibilities by trusting us to take care of them for you!

Complete Lawn Program  

When you sign up for our six-application Complete Lawn Program, we provide your lawn with the nutrients and weed control it needs for long-lasting, healthy growth. Our lawn specialists are skilled at assessing a lawn’s turf type to properly treat it. In addition, we consider the weather conditions as the seasons change and make adjustments as necessary.

Early Spring

Just as the weather begins to warm up, it is time for our team to spray crabgrass pre-emergent, broadleaf weed control and fertilizer to promote early spring green-up and root growth.


Maintaining a healthy, thick lawn is essential to keeping weeds from taking over. We apply another application of pre-emergent for extended crabgrass control through the summer as well as a broadleaf weed control and extra nutrients.


Fertilization is a crucial step during the height of growing season. Our team sprays a slow release fertilizer with nutrients to give your lawn extended feeding. If we spot summer weeds creeping in, we eliminate them. 

Late Summer

Warm-season grasses need TLC to stay protected from the sun’s heat. Late summer is the ideal time to apply fertilizer to thicken up turf and promote root growth.


Temperatures may be cooling off, but that doesn’t mean homeowners can stop caring for their lawn. Our crew sprays fertilizer and broadleaf weed control to keep your grass in optimal health. 


Strong, healthy turf can withstand frigid temperatures if it is properly cared for year-round. We apply fertilizer to cool season turfs for hardiness and early spring green-up. If pesky weeds appear, we battle back by spraying weed control. 

Make memories with your family in a beautiful outdoor setting this year without having to sacrifice time maintaining your lawn. Leave the work to us! Do you have questions about our lawn spraying or fertilization services? Contact us today! 

BONUS! If you refer a friend to sign up for a six-application Complete Lawn Program, we’ll give you a $30 credit on your account.

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