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Illuminate Your Lawn and Landscape

March 25, 2020, 1:09 pm | Landscaping

TenderCare Lawn & Landscaping specializes in creating beautiful night lighting systems for homes and businesses. Night lighting not only highlights beautiful landscape features, but it also adds an extra level of security.  

Our highly-skilled lighting designers use lighting techniques to highlight walkways, retaining walls, trees, decks, stairs, and swimming pools using quality, energy-efficient components. We utilize LED lights, which have a long lifetime (approximately 20 years if left on for eight hours per day) and are resistant to shock, vibrations and external impacts.

We also ensure that your customized lights are properly installed and concealed to provide the best results. We offer digital and analog timers for homeowners and business owners that have specific lighting times, and we can install motion sensors and transformers for increased safety. 

Whether you need path lights, spotlights or uplights, our team will provide a beautiful, cost-effective solution so you can enjoy your landscape even after the sun goes down! Learn more about our night lighting services and contact us today to schedule service. 

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