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A Guide to Prepping Your Yard for Spring

January 8, 2021, 8:09 am | Landscaping | Lawn & Tree Care | Irrigation

A sure-fire way to make sure your lawn and landscaping has the best chance at flourishing in the spring is to take steps now to make it happen. Little actions can produce big results! Get ready for warmer weather using this helpful checklist.

Schedule Your Lawn and Irrigation Services 

Now is the time to pre-pay and save on our six-application Complete Lawn Care Program designed to give your lawn the nutrients and weed control it needs to stay healthy all year long. Sign up to guarantee green up this spring!  

Our irrigation team members have years of experience installing and optimizing lawn irrigation systems to run efficiently. We will begin scheduling irrigation system start ups (weather permitting) in early March, so beat the rush and sign up for one of our irrigation packages now.

Remove Damaged Tree Limbs

This year’s winter storms brought heavy snow and ice. If you see broken limbs, our licensed tree care team can help remove them and add a root feeding application to increase resistance to disease and pests. Learn more about our services.

Water If It’s Warm

It’s imperative to water plants and shrubs as long as the air and soil are above 40 degrees. Even if your landscaping looks dormant, proper hydration maintains their health heading into warmer temperatures.

Plan Your Plants

Using premium seeds and plants from a quality supplier promises a beautiful landscape in the spring. Now is the time to research your plant choices based on the Kansas climate. If you’re not sure how to plan your landscape, let us do it for you! 

Fill Your Bird Feeders

Refresh your bird feeding stations by cleaning and refilling them with seed to attract Midwestern songbirds to your yard in time for spring. It’s best to fill your feeders in the evening. When it’s warm this spring, you’ll appreciate birdwatching from your outdoor patio.

Helping your lawn and landscape with recovery from winter is key to keeping your outdoor space in tip-top shape. If you have questions about our services or any of our spring preparation advice, contact us today!

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