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Protecting Your Trees & Shrubs

February 4, 2020, 2:20 pm | Lawn & Tree Care

Kansas winters can bring extreme temperature fluctuations, causing your trees and shrubs to experience more stress and potential injury. Our landscaping experts will keep your trees and shrubs healthy and in top growing condition, because we understand that your plantings are an investment worth protecting.

We recommend pruning dormant trees and shrubs this time of yea, making it easier to evaluate the plant’s structure and set the plant up for better growth in the spring. If you are not sure whether it is the right time to prune your specific trees or shrubs, give us a call! Our experts are happy to help and ensure your plants are pruned properly and at the right time.

You should also take extra measures to protect your shrubs from winter burn as we experience more freeze and frost. Burlap and canvas are both great materials to use as plant covers to act as a barrier for wind, salt damage and sun heating. They allow the plants to breath so heat isn’t trapped, as opposed to a material like plastic.

In addition, late winter is the best time to plan and schedule treatments for your lawn and landscaping needs in order to ensure a healthy, lush lawn in the spring. We design custom programs to fit the unique needs of your property. Every landscape is different, and our experts provide comprehensive evaluations and program recommendations specifically for your plants.

Learn more about our tree and shrub care services and contact us today to schedule service!

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