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Simple Ways to Add Winter Curb Appeal

December 3, 2020, 8:38 am | Landscaping

The temperatures may have dropped outside and nature’s colors have faded, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add curbside cheer long after the holiday. Consider these simple additions to dress up your doorstep and give your home’s exterior a finished look this winter:

Light Up Your Landscape

We’re experiencing more hours of darkness during winter months. Illuminate your landscaping to create a sophisticated look and add extra security with accent lighting. Our highly skilled designers can provide suggestions on a night lighting system that meets your needs. Discover more about our lighting options and services here.

Add Evergreen Wreaths

Displaying real or faux evergreen wreaths from your door or front windows adds a touch of class to any home during the winter. Once the holiday is over, simply remove the brightly colored ribbon and replace it with faux berries or floral picks of muted hues.

Hang Greenery from Light Sconces

The smell of fresh evergreen is wonderful! Add timeless beauty by displaying a swag of winter greenery to your outdoor light sconces — don’t forget the lights accenting your garage entrance! It’s an easy DIY project. Simply gather layered branches of noble fir, cedar or juniper and tie them off with twine before hanging them.

Decorate With Porch Planters

Miss the colorful flowers that once adorned your porch during warmer weather? Give your front steps an Instagram-worthy aesthetic by adding planters filled with wood logs, tall dogwood branches, oversized pinecones, or artificial trees. Many of the items can be sourced during a nature walk! You can also find fresh greenery and topiary pots for sale at local greenhouses.

Say goodbye to the winter doldrums by adding personality and beauty to your home’s exterior that will last well beyond the holiday season. If you have questions about landscape lighting, we’d be happy to assist you. Contact us today! 

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