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The Kansas weather can be quite unpredictable, and winter can approach quickly. Temperatures can be warm in early October and turn frigid anytime thereafter. TenderCare’s goal is to stay one step ahead of mother nature and help you protect your irrigation system by winterizing. However, TenderCare Lawn and Landscape is not responsible for freeze damage caused by cold temperatures before your scheduled blow out time. It is the customer’s responsibility to be aware of falling temperatures and take necessary precautions to properly cover their PVB backflow device. 

TenderCare does not perform winterization of systems automatically (including customers with pre-pay packages). It is the customers’ responsibility to contact TenderCare and request winterization of their system. Sprinkler winterizations will begin October 1. Winterizations will be scheduled upon request and by location only. We will try to accommodate the specific week you request and will notify customers by phone two days prior to the day of service in their area and location. Your winterization date may be affected by overload or location, so please send in your request as soon as possible.

No winterizations will be scheduled after December 1.

All winterizations must be paid in full before your scheduled blow out date. If payment has not been received by that date, you will be rescheduled. 



Winterization of System:

  • Regular Price: $85.00

*Prices may be subject to change for larger systems. MasterCard, Visa & Discover accepted.


Owner Responsibility

If temperatures are expected to drop below freezing anytime before your scheduled winterization, please cover your pressure vacuum breaker (PVB) to help guard against possible freeze damage. Please call our office at 316-788-5416 regarding back flow blankets for this purpose. A blanket is simply an added safeguard but does not guarantee against freeze damage. Freeze damage incurred prior to winterization shall in no way be covered under warranties. TenderCare Lawn and Landscape will not be responsible for such damage regardless of circumstances.

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**Prices may be subject to change for larger systems

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