Lighting FAQs

Lighting FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand it can be difficult to choose the right lighting features for your home or business. Browse our frequently asked questions and answers and feel free to reach out to us with any other questions or concerns.

  • What benefits do I get with LED lighting?

    Long lifetime stands out as the number one benefit of LED lights. The average operational life of an LED bulb left on for eight hours per day is around 20 years. LED is 80-90% more energy efficient than traditional lighting. Because LED lights are resistant to shock, vibrations and external impacts, they are great for rough conditions and exposures. Since LED has evolved, we are currently performing over 90% of all new installs utilizing LED lighting due to these long-term cost savings.

  • What are path lights?

    Path lights are fixtures used to put light down on a sidewalk or path to add safety and beauty to your yard and landscape. Path lights can also be used as an area light to brighten a dark portion of the landscape or just to add an artistic flair to a dark landscape.

  • What is spot lighting used for?

    Spot lights are a very versatile fixture that can be used to put light in any directed area. Spot lights can be used to light a statue or sign to increase visibility at night. They can also be used to light walls and spots on your house to add a sense of size, to show off a special texture of the walls, or for safety. Spot lights can also be used in trees to light sitting areas for use at night or to light the trunk of a big, beautiful tree.

  • How do I light up my trees?

    We use a special fixture called an uplight to shine light up the tree trunk and into the tree canopy. Depending on the size of the tree, multiple lights and different wattage of lights may be needed.

  • What is a transformer and what size do I need?

    A transformer is needed to turn standard line voltage (120v) into low voltage (12v). Transformers are rated in watts and sized according to the demand of application. Conventional incandescent lighting requires larger transformers due to larger wattage of bulbs. In larger applications, multiple transformers are required. The use of LED lighting requires much less wattage and can greatly reduce the size and need for multiple transformers.

  • Professional or retail lighting?

    Lighting fixtures, bulbs and wire used in professional applications are a higher grade product than that found in most retail outlets. Professional installation uses waterproof connections instead of compression fittings for much longer life without worry of corrosion and rust. We use only top-of-the-line, dependable fixture bulbs and related components as well as proper installation methods to ensure your lighting system’s longevity.

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