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Providing a Healthy Lawn All Year Long

Our six-application Complete Lawn Program is designed to give your lawn the nutrients and weed control needed to provide the best performance possible for your turf type and weather conditions.

With the price of fertilizer increasing, it is more cost-effective to choose our experts for your lawn care needs. Stop worrying about over or under fertilizing your lawn or needing to reapply fertilizer after rain. When you choose our six-step program, you get guaranteed results and free service calls – saving you money and giving you a healthier lawn!

The savings don't stop there! Refer a friend to sign up as a new customer for our full-service Complete Lawn Program (6 visits) and receive a $30 credit on your account! 

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Early Spring

Crabgrass pre-emergent, broadleaf weed control and fertilizer are applied to promote early spring green-up and root growth.



Another application of pre-emergent is applied for extended crabgrass control through the summer as well as broadleaf weed control and extra nutrients for a fuller, healthier, greener lawn.

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A slow release fertilizer with nutrients is applied to give your lawn extended feeding for the summer months. We will also take care of any summer weeds that may be present in your turf.

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Late summer

Fertilizer is applied to thicken turf and promote roots growth. Weed problems will also be treated.

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Fertilizer is applied to prepare lawns for winter. Broadleaf weed control is also applied for weeds that come up in the fall, including dandelions, henbit and chickweed.

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Fertilizer is applied to cool season turf for winter hardiness and early spring green-up. Weed control is applied to warm season lawns.

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Optional Services

Grub Worm Control

Untreated grub worms in the summer can cause serious damage.

Core Aeration

This improves root growth and increases air and water movement. An excellent time to broadcast seed is after your lawn is aerated.


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