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A Healthy Landscape All Year Long

As the weather turns from growing season to growing season, TenderCare is always prepared to help get you ready for anything that mother nature deals us. From spring cleanup of ornamental grass and seasonal debris to that final fall cleanup of leaves and associated debris, our staff can ease the burden of the season and ensure that your growing environment is maintained properly and effortlessly.

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Grub Worm Control

Every summer, lawn owners must deal with the white, worm-like pest known as the grub. Although most grub worms are just June Bug larvae, they work by feeding on and destroying the root system underneath your grass. In turn, your lawn is left with dead, dry and brown patches. At TenderCare, our grub worm control treatments are specifically designed to keep these unwanted pests from invading your lawn, ensuring your turf is green and grub-free. 

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Core Aeration 

Winter and summer months in Kansas bring extreme cold and hot temperatures, making the ground hard and compact. Compacted soils restrict the movement of oxygen, water and nutrients to the roots of grass. Without the proper nutrients, your lawn can become weak and prone to stress and diseases. At TenderCare, we offer our core aeration service to help improve root growth, increase air and water movements, improve soil structure and help it recover from the harsh weather. 

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