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Supplying the Finest Seed & Sod Available  

Whether you choose seed or sod for your lawn project, it is important to use only the finest seed or sod available. At TenderCare, we use only Blue Tagged certified seed that is designed specifically for our region. We have used our sod grower for more than 20 years due to their willingness to supply a superior product and their knowledge and experience with our region. 

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Seeding & Overseeding

Whether it be a completely new lawn or a lawn renovation, our expert crews can handle your needs. Our overseeding crews use only the finest equipment available to slitseed or core aerate and overseed your lawn. Seed needs to be applied at the proper setting and make good soil contact to achieve a great result. If you’re unsure of what your lawn needs, our experts can help you decide which method is best for your particular situation.

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Sod offers certain advantages over seed. It can be installed almost all year long, while seeding has only certain time frames that work (generally mid-March through mid-May and early September through mid-October). Sod can be installed any time the soil is workable — all year long. Sod is established and there is no worry about rain possibly washing away seedlings, weed competition during the spring, or waiting for germination. Sod delivers a complete lawn in just a few hours. Let our experts help you decide which option best suits your needs and budget.

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Hydroseeding is an alternative method of planting grass, and it promotes rapid germination and discourages soil erosion. Once sprayed, the wet mulch helps to form a secure bond to the soil while protecting it from elements such as sun, wind and soil erosion. As the grass seed begins to grow, the mulch will slowly dissolve, increasing nutrients in the soil. At TenderCare, we use only the finest hydromulching products and equipment. We can also customize our hydroseed mix to fit your home environment. 

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