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A New and Better Way to Seed

At TenderCare, we customize hydroseed to fit your home environment. We understand that not all hydroseeding is the same, so we use only the finest in hydromulching products and equipment. It’s important for contractors to apply bonded fiber matrix or wood fiber mulch mixed with proprietary bonding agents. Certain hydroseeding machines can only spray paper mulch products, which can result in an inferior job with a greater chance of erosion control problems.

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What is Hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding is the process of mixing seed, fertilizer and fiber-mulch with water in correct proportions inside a tank and spraying the homogenous slurry onto designated lawn areas.

The Benefits 

  • Seed germinates faster.
  • High percentage of seed germinates
  • Higher grass plant survival
  • Greatly reduced soil erosion
  • Uniform distribution of seed, fertilizer and mulch
  • Versatility — Easier to seed difficult areas (i.e. irregular plots, slopes or berms, ditches and narrow strips)
  • Seed mixes are tailored to the site, depending on sun exposure and planned usage of the lawn.
  • No masking necessary for walkways, flowerbeds, walls or construction obstacles
  • Mulch turns to humus and becomes an integral part of the soil.
  • A fuller, more plush lawn develops.
  • Less than half the cost of sod


Why Hydroseeding is Different


Putting the seed, fertilizer and mulch into a solution means the seed will be encapsulated within water-retaining mulch as it is applied. Since seed requires moisture and warmth to germinate, the process gives the seed a “jump-start” in the growth cycle. 


The fertilizer (and lime or sulphur if needed) placed in a solution quickly adjusts the existing soil chemistry to provide for sturdy grass plant growth. Your new grass sinks roots into chemically balanced soil, thereby enjoying a growing stimulus when it needs it most.

Moisture Control

The fiber mulch retains water longer than straw and many other mulches, acts as a stabilizer to delay water and wind erosion, reduces surface evaporation from the soil, and provides an outstanding germinating medium as it traps moisture around the seed as well as wicks moisture to the seed. This is crucial when grass roots are forming. 


The carefully proportioned materials mixed thoroughly together in a homogenous slurry provide an ideal medium for:

  • Quicker germination
  • Rapid plant growth
  • Higher percentage of germination
  • Plush lawn
  • Uniform coverage

Eventually, the mulch becomes a humus added to the soil. The end result is a lush, long-lasting lawn at a most reasonable cost without the negatives of dry seeding with separate applications of fertilizer, seed and straw.

Hydroseeding is a new and better way to seed.

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