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Caring For Your Trees & Shrubs

Your trees and shrubs represent a growing investment that’s worth protecting. Our program of scheduled inspections and treatment helps keep all of your ornamentals healthy and in top growing condition. 

There are hundreds of insects and diseases that can attach and infest your landscape. Our trained and licensed staff can identify and control these problems before severe damage or plant loss occurs. 

At TenderCare, we design custom programs for the unique needs of your property. Each landscape is different, and we can provide either standard or customized programs to fit virtually any property. Our plans include insect management, disease management and/or dormant applications. We’ll also combine these pest management services with properly timed and applied fertilization. 

We understand and appreciate the value of your landscape investment. Let us provide a comprehensive evaluation and program recommendation for your lawn and landscape.

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Root Feeding

Landscape plants often fail to flourish and may go into decline due to a lack of proper nourishment. Properly feeding your ornamentals offers many benefits, including improved flowering, increased resistance to disease and increased ability to ward off insect attacks. Root feeding injects the proper plant food directly into the root zone of plants which allows the fertilizer to be easily absorbed and quickly put to work. Feeding trees and shrubs should be done at least once per season for preventative maintenance. This helps keep them in top growing condition, so they’re strong enough to fight off many infectious diseases and insect attacks without suffering serious permanent damage.

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Tree & Shrub Pruning

As the growing season progresses, we drag out the pruning equipment to control and shape the growth of our plants. Branches creep over sidewalks, get damaged in storms, and hedges get fuzzy and uneven. But, there is a right and wrong time to prune certain plants. 

Spring blooming shrubs should be pruned soon after they finish their bloom to help set new bloom buds for the following season. If pruned too late, they often don’t bloom well (or at all!) the next season. Whereas summer blooming shrubs that bloom on the current season’s growth can be pruned before growth starts in the spring. 

Most shrubs with many stems or “canes” should be pruned one stem at a time near the ground. By doing this, it forces new growth to arise from the root system and provides vigorous young stems. Evergreens and hedges can be pruned almost anytime during the year, except for very late in the season (September 15 and later). Pruning at any time stimulates the plant into a “growth spurt” and if done too late in the season the top-growth may get nipped and scorched by the frost, giving plants an unhappy through the winter.

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