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Spring is finally here! With warmer temperatures on the horizon, now is a great time to tackle your spring lawn and landscaping tasks. Get your yard in shape for the season ahead with some tips below.

Yard Cleanup

Raking up all those old leaves and other debris from your yard will not only help reinvigorate your lawn, but it will also help your home look like it’s in tip-top condition. You’ll also want to pick up any downed limbs and trim back your trees and shrubs.


The weather is perfect in the spring to add some new plants to your yard. It will also add a splash of color to your home’s look! Consider a flower box of marigolds or pansies for your porch, or if you’re more of a gardener, you can create a raised bed to grow vegetables.


Spring is the perfect time to go around your plant beds and add a fresh new layer of mulch. It can help retain moisture in the soil and keep your plants’ roots cool in the hot summer months. As a bonus, it looks tidy and taken care of!


It might seem tedious to go around and pull all those dandelions and other weeds, but your yard will thank you for it. Don’t forget to apply weed control to areas like crabgrass to help prevent growth. If you stay on top of weeding now, it can really pay off in the coming months.


If you haven’t already turned on your irrigation system for the year, you will definitely want to do that now. Spring irrigation startup is an important step in maintaining your system, and it’s not too late to get that scheduled!

We have irrigation packages and landscaping options to fit whatever your needs are. Contact us today at 316-788-516 and let us show you what your yard could be!


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