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Summers in Kansas are hot. If you are new to the Kansas climate, starting a garden for the first time, or just looking to freshen up your gardening skills, we’ve compiled tips to help you keep your garden happy, healthy, and thriving this upcoming summer!

Morning Maintenance

We know summer is for sleeping in, but in order to stay on top of your garden maintenance, it is best to attack the outdoor chores early in the morning before it gets too hot. Giving your plants water in the morning prepares them for the strong sun later on. Water them slowly and for longer periods of time; this will help the plants develop deeper roots. If you are not an early riser, invest in an irrigation system. Doing so will let you water your garden on a predetermined schedule. This will keep your flowers and veggies happy and the soil rich!

Shade Coverage

Just like us, plants need sunshine. However, too much sunshine can be harmful. To protect your garden from wilting, invest in some shade cloths. Shade cloths allow you to bring shade directly to your plants and protect them from extreme sunlight and heat.

Keep it Cool

In order to keep your garden cool, you have two options:

1. Cover your garden with mulch. Mulch is an easy solution to keep your soil cool and moist. You can even make your own mulch using grass clippings, straw, hay, or old leaves combined with cardboard or newspaper.

2. Pack your summer garden with greens. If you have raised garden beds, packing your garden intensively is an excellent way to keep the soil moist and roots cool. By packing your garden with greens, the taller plants will provide a canopy of shade for your garden. The extra shade will prevent the soil from drying out too quickly — saving you water and time!

Pick the Right Plants

Summertime is the season for watermelon, honeydew, cucumber salads, and corn on the cob. Luckily, these veggies thrive in the summer weather. Some summertime flowers include sunflowers, marigolds, and geraniums. Planting a mixture of these would greatly benefit your garden. This is known as interplanting; it is done by planting a mixture of two or more plants in the same area. Interplanting benefits the garden by increasing space efficiency and harvest yield while simultaneously adding color and texture to your garden. To help you stay organized, develop a gardening layout and schedule. Using a garden layout or planner will help you keep your garden organized and provide a space for you to record notes and tips to look back on in future years!

If you are interested in learning more about landscaping or would like to set up an irrigation system, contact TenderCare Lawn and Landscape here or at 316-788-516 and speak to a professional today!


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