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Colder temperatures, falling leaves, and pumpkin-filled porches mean it’s time to make some seasonal changes. Especially in Kansas, preparing your lawn for the cold weather is essential in order to ensure a healthy lawn come springtime. One of the most important methods of preparation is to winterize your sprinkler system.

What is Winterization?

Winterization is the process of evacuating all of the water from your irrigation pipes. Doing so prevents the pipes from bursting in freezing weather. While some people choose to make winterization a DIY-project, it is best to hire a professional since every sprinkler system is different and can respond differently to winterization methods.

What are the Benefits?

There are many benefits that come from winterizing your sprinkler system. Some of the most significant benefits include: saving money and time, preventing frozen pipes, increasing the overall life and quality of your sprinklers and valves, and most importantly, keeping you and your lawn safe and healthy.

What Happens if You Don’t Winterize?

While choosing to skip the winterization process might save you money in the short term, the potential consequences and risk are not worth it. If you do not winterize your sprinkler system, residual water in your sprinkler system’s pipes and valves will freeze, leading to system ruptures or deformation. This causes extensive damages including future lawn flooding, costly repairs, and inevitable replacements. Choosing to winterize your lawn will give you peace of mind while preventing potential hazards and risks.

TenderCare offers sprinkler system maintenance and winterization to fit your lawn’s needs. Contact us here or at 316-788-5416 and let us help you protect your sprinkler system and lawn.


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