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Starting your sprinkler system the right way is important for both your lawn and your system. To get your yard ready for the warmer weather to come, you’ll need to schedule your spring startup in advance. At TenderCare, we offer comprehensive irrigation services and packages to fit your specific needs.

What Is an Irrigation System Startup?

Irrigation systems need to be winterized each year to preserve water and prevent freezing in the cold Kansas winter. Each spring, you’ll need to reverse those steps to properly turn on your system. A trained professional will make sure your system is working properly by checking your controls, sprinkler heads and nozzles. They will also inspect your valves and pipes for leaks or damage. These are all vital for your system to work properly.

Why Is It Important for Your Yard?

You’ll want to start gradually watering during the spring months so your yard is not dry when the summer heat comes. You’ll also want a professional to inspect your system and make sure everything is in top working order. Starting your system the right way can prevent damage to pipes and backflow devices, saving you money on costly repairs.

Now is the time to schedule your system startup. We are running a special now through February 2 on our irrigation packages. Complete the form online or call our office at (316) 788-5416 to schedule.

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